Providing over

of "Real World, Site-Specific
Operator Training Systems"

Textiles & Plastics

Whether it is cotton, cotton bales, polymer on pallets, plastics in boxes, it is all the same to some powered industrial truck operators.


"It's just another pallet load!"

How many times, in how many industries, in how many years have I heard? "it's just another pallet load!"

Is there an answer for this type of attitude? Yes, the answer is Training. Providing quality real world training programs has reached many people with this type of an attitude, successfully turning a potentially bad situation into a very resourceful and positive situation.

What will change things? Reaching out through assistance programs and/or educational programs is one way to change a situation. Another way is to set up a team concept, or to get individuals involved with the process, and do not forget to assist those individuals who need extra help on an individual basis.

Providing Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training is our job as owners, managers, and supervisors. But sometimes we may leave out some of the most important topics in our training programs!!

For years Shephard's has developed Site-Specific operator training programs for textile and plastics operations. Through a proven format, working closely with management and the operators, we have assisted many companies in achieving goals that many thought could not be accomplished.

For example, a plastics manufacturing company in the mid-west was having trouble keeping employees; quality and poor performance plagued the company. Looking within industry and local educational institutes, the company found little assistance. After spending time evaluating the operation, Shephard's suggested a simple, straight forward approach to solving what seemed to be a complex problem.

In all fairness, it was not "a magic potion." The answer was simple: comprehensive targeted employee training. How did we do it?

It is not a secret, we will share our training concepts with you. Shephard's, fifteen (15) years ago, developed something very few thought would work. Today, we have an employee training system that has proven itself time and time again. The key is you, then you too will see what others have found to be very rewarding in training Shephard's Systems for lift trucks, special handling attachments, tuggers, production equipment, stretch molding, injection systems, and equipment.

Sometimes it just takes a proven system to get things off to a great start. Let Shephard's share with you our training systems. The results. . .you decide!Check us out!

Contact Shephard's for your Site - Specific Training System
Phone: (901) 382-5507

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