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Lumber Mills & Logging Operations

These operator training program's are not generic!

Shephard's years of experience in the logging industry has allowed us the time to "walk the walk" to ensure that our training programs "talk the talk" for lumber and logging operations.

More Than 10 years:

For more than 10 years these operator training programs have been tried and tested.

Log Handling:

From the moment the logs hit the front gate these training programs cover the operations. In the log yard, our training programs cover from tie down chain removal, to laying the logs on the slasher deck and everything in between. For example, safety and operational issues, unloading log trucks, storage and retrieval of the logs from wet or dry storage, pedestrian interaction, equipment operations, service and maintenance, inspections, and much, much more.

Whether you use a log handler or an articulating loader with grapple, Shephard's has the training materials developed, and they are ready to go to work for you.

From the Green Chain:

Lift Truck operations, including proper operation to position the green lumber on the kiln cars, are critical. Shephard's structured operator training programs will provide the tools for your lift truck operators to ensure they have a competent understanding of their task and responsibilities. At the same time, you will meet and exceed your safety, training, and operational goals and objectives.

Meeting the Training Needs from the Dry Kiln through the Planner Mill to Shipping:

Developing operator training programs that target the dry end of a lumber mill has been a challenge. While conducting safety assessments for mills/yards across the country we identified many safety issues at each facility, which in turn set each facility apart from another.

Standard Operating Practice:

Because we always did it that way! What many have thought was a safe practice has been identified, after review, as a major safety issue. Don't let safety issues be a burden to your lumber or logging operation, identify the problems before they are identified for you from the results of an incident.

Operator Training or Train-the-Trainer; Shephard's offers a complete structured training document for your designated trainers or operators.

Meeting Site-Specific Requirements:

Shephard's Systems has made training materials modification easy. Our training programs are designed to allow for Site-Specific information to be inserted into the training materials. Your trainers will be instructed on how to modify the operator training program, and to make it Site-Specific. This process is easy and fast, making the training program interesting, effective, and in compliance!

Setting New Safety Standards:

Conducting an operational assessment, or what one might call pre-training preparation, to identify, repair, and modify identified safety issues will be a major key in the success of your training program. This pre-training effort will set the stage for the new safety standards, by showing managements intent, and that the intent is serious.

Lumber and Logging Training Programs available:

For convince we have listed some of the equipment training programs that Shephard's offers. We have training programs to cover all makes and models of the following equipment. What is your training need?

  • Log Handlers
    Taylor Log Handlers
    Wagner Log Handlers
  • Log Skidders
  • Knuckleboom Loaders (all makes and models)
    Stationary units
    Diesel units
    Tracked units
    Rubber tired units
  • Articulating Loaders (all makes and models)
  • Dozers (all makes and models)
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Cranes
    Hydraulic Boom
  • Boom Trucks
  • Rigging
  • And more...

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