Providing over

of "Real World, Site-Specific
Operator Training Systems"

Material Handling Assessment
Consulting Services

Conducting site analyses and developing and implementing Site-Specific operator training programs have become old hat for Shephard's Industrial Training Systems, Inc.

Leading Edge of Technology:

Shephard's Systems have been recognized for many years by National and International material handling publications for accomplishments in the area of facility analysis, training materials development, and the success of our Site-Specific operator training programs.

Providing Consulting Services: (setting goals and objectives)

Developing a comprehensive material handling assessment system, has provided Shephard's a tool to assist our clients in recognizing existing conditions that may need attention. The assessment is designed to identify conditions and make recommendations and suggestions to improve the area(s) identified.

Shephard's Consulting Service is Making a Difference:

Our years of experience providing expertise in the material handling industry, along with detailed documentation has provided us with an extensive support system, which enables Shephard's to bring innovation to an existing or new operation.


Shephard's has upheld, without fail, a firm position on our confidentiality agreements with our clients. Our first priority is to be the solution to our clients' problems, not a part of the problem. Many years ago Shephard's developed our own confidentiality agreement. The agreement is designed to protect, not only Shephard's, but also, our clients' proprietary information.

Our proven methods, and our real world approach to problem solving has assisted all of our clients in improving existing conditions prior to implementing any training.

First we developed a concept, then we implemented methods and support systems to ensure accuracy.

Our Goals and Accomplishments:

Develop and perfect a consulting service that would provide for our clients a comprehensive review of their facility that would offer realistic assessments of existing operations.

In addition, we provide achievable suggestions with supporting documentation concerning improvements for non-compliance issues, incorrect procedures, operator performance, equipment use, maintenance systems, care of equipment, communication, safety awareness, and more.

Shephard's site analysis is designed to probe into the operations to find the real world needs for operational improvements and training. During the analysis safety concerns will be identified that, in some cases, must be attended to prior to implementing any training.

Pre-Training Analysis:

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Did we conduct a pre-training analysis?
  • Did we find any problems prior to implementing our training?
  • Do we have product quality problems?
  • What do we train our employees?
  • What results are we getting from our present training programs?
  • Are we still having the same old problems?
  • Has damage to materials and property been reduced?
  • Is equipment maintenance still a problem?
  • Shephard's proven assessment will guide you through the process of conducting an assessment and, if approved, the development of operator training materials, saving you time and money. Three easy steps, "if you know where to put your feet."

    Research, Development, and Implementation

    Pre-training assessment, and development of Site-Specific training materials, using proven format, forms, and visual aids.

    First:Let's talk and make sure that our systems and your objectives are compatible.

    Second:With approval, let's evaluate the operations for conditions and understanding, and together set training goals and objectives.

    Third:If applicable, and with approved goals and objectives, Site-Specific training materials can be developed. Implementation of the training program will follow after the training materials have been approved.

    NOTE:Know this up front: the training program that we develop will be designed for initial certification (first time operators) and recertification (existing operators). Your program will last indefinitely, because we teach you how to modify your program with updates as needed.

    Have you thought about having a third party conduct an assessment of conditions?

    How do you get a training program that is complete?

    To expedite your safety and training goals, consider having a third party assessment of your operation by Shephard's. Our analysis system will walk your designated personnel through a systematic process to obtain information overlooked by your personnel. Many times we find small problems, but the root cause to more serious issues.

    The old cliche, "don't open your mouth and speak before you think," holds true for training as well. How can a trainer accomplish a training goal without first understanding the needs.

    Implementing operator training sessions without first observing the operations and understanding the needs is "putting the cart before the horse."

    Get more than a Return on Your Investment for years to come.

    Let Shephard's conduct an assessment per condition of your facility. Let the assessment give you the real results. Shephard's will provide the expertise and the research, and we will submit a written report of our findings including suggestions and solutions.

    Contact Shephard's for your Site - Specific Training System
    Phone: (901) 382-5507

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