Providing over

of "Real World, Site-Specific
Operator Training Systems"

Shephard's Specializes
Material Handling Safety Assessments
Developing & Implementing
Site-Specific Training Programs
All Types of Equipment

Shephard's Consulting Services Includes:
  • Accident Investigations
  • Operational Assessment
  • Equipment Assessment
  • Pre-Training Site Analysis
  • Existing Training Materials Analysis
  • Training Materials Development
  • Operator Training
  • Train The Trainer

Mission Statement:
Our mission as a training and consulting company is to provide the catalyst for our clients, that, in turn, will assist in the development and implementation of the most advanced management approved and site-specific employee safety and skills improvement training program(s) that meet and exceed their safety, training, and operational objectives.

Professional Background:
For fifteen (15) years Shephard's has specialized in customizing Operator Training Programs for industries across North America and the Caribbean. From the beginning we recognized that generic training does not fill the need.

Shephard's has been recognized by several National and International material handling publications for being on the leading edge of providing a consulting service for material handling operations and the development of real world, site-specific operator training programs for industries.

Lack Of Comprehensive Training:
Having been personally involved in investigations of incidents, incident re-creations, and the long drawn-out litigation that sometimes follows due to the lack of comprehensive training programs, I want to be on record saying our industries and our workforce cannot continue without educational programs that meet industry needs. Our industries' injury statistics are staggering, and no one industry is immune from adding to these statistics. If you do not train your operators, your company may be part to the future statistics.

Site Evaluations:
Our objective has been to develop comprehensive training materials that will train employees in the safe operation of their equipment, and to conduct site evaluations that will identify safety concerns within the workplace that adversely affect safe operation of the equipment.

300 Industrial Equipment Operator Training Programs:
Shephard's has researched, developed, and implemented over 300 industrial equipment operator training programs for industries. Our programs meet, and in many areas exceed, the requirements and standards established by OSHA, ASME/ANSI, NFPA, etc., that impact an operation. Compliance with the law is easy to obtain if your operator training programs are developed around the task, the operation, the equipment, and the environment. Although some industries are similar, we have found that each company has specific items that must be addressed in their operator training programs that are proprietary to that company. Our methods and procedures have proven themselves many times over.

Site Equipment, and Task Specific:
To-date, we have trained more than 900 corporate trainers across the nation. We are proud to boast that our trainer network conducts training for over 60,000 operators each year. Today, Shephard's proven training methods of SITE, EQUIPMENT, and TASK-SPECIFIC employee training programs for all types of equipment have been implemented in industries such as Foundries, Aluminum, Steel, Textile, Paper, Plastics, Agriculture, Lumber, Timber, Logistics, Maritime, Railroad, Chemical, Landfills, Earthmoving, Excavation, etc.

Are you still searching for answers to your material handling needs?

Out Dated Procedures:
While conducting analysis targeting the material handling operations of industries, we found many active procedures that were outdated, in addition to existing procedures not being followed by managers, supervisors and/or employees.

Meet & Exceed Training Goals and Objectives:
Our programs work for your company by enabling you to meet and exceed your company's training goals and objectives by implementing a real world, site-specific training program. We provide consulting service to evaluate your existing operations for safety, noncompliance, material flow problems, etc., and a solution to overcome each.

Changing Environments:
All of Shephard's training programs are designed to meet the demands of a changing environment. To do this we had to design flexibility into our training programs. We know that as your company changes, your training materials will need to change accordingly, and having the ability to modify your training programs will be a must. Shephard’s will train you on how to make cost effective modifications to keep your training materials up to date, and your employees abreast of “need to know” information.

Industries are struggling for answers to the question, "How and what do we use to train our employees to eliminate personal injuries within our workforce?"

Refresher Training and Commitment:
Through implementation and followup, Shephard's training systems have drastically reduced our clients incident rate. We found that incidents declined in the first year of training. But without refresher training in succeeding years, complacency settles in, commitment shifts, and incidents increase. A company who stands firm on their commitment, follows up on their training programs, and has total involvement of management and employees will lower their incident rate. The old cliche of "once trained always trained" is of the old school.

Program Success:
Shephard's offers operator and/or Train-The-Trainer sessions to individual companies only, because of their confidential nature. We will not train multiple companies at the same time because individual company needs will not be addressed in this type of forum. Focusing our efforts on one company, or multi-facilities within one corporation, makes our training programs' success overwhelming.

Employee Records Retention:
Shephard's has maintained a record keeping database tracking trainer and operator training results for our clients for the last fifteen (15) years. Training records are an important tool for industries. We have proven time and time again that analyzing training results will enable companies to identify employee perceptions and their knowledge of safety rules and standard operating procedures. Our database provides company management with:

  • Current lists of certified equipment operators, by date, by department, and by equipment
  • Current lists of failures and recommendation for remedial training
  • Reports outlining strengths and weaknesses of classes or individuals
  • A complete progress report on the training program
  • Individual authorization cards (license)
  • Reports of when employee training is required

These reports are especially useful in pinpointing weaknesses in current procedures or programs, but may also be used for in-house reviews and appraisals of shifts, departments, or facilities.

Team Concept:
Our clients, who have implemented and maintained our training programs, reap the rewards of fewer incidents, decreased product damage, decreased equipment operating cost, increased profits, and meet their customers' quality and quantity needs by shipping damage free product. They also enjoy a motivated workforce because of the reclaimed trust between management and employees. At the same time employees' skills and self-esteem are enhanced, confidence is increased, and they develop a team concept.

Let Shephard's Industrial Training System's be your solutions to a safe and productive work place.

Explore our web site; if you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call; we have custom designed 300-plus equipment operator training programs. We may have the training program you need.

Call us, or you are welcome to visit me, Jim Shephard, and Shephard's staff at our office in Memphis, Tennessee. Experience our southern hospitality (even though not all of us are from the South).

Contact Shephard's for your Site - Specific Training System
Phone: (901) 382-5507

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