It can be trained as is.

It can be customized to include situations within your facility. For best results, we recommend that you insert site conditions and safety concerns.

We have created a "Program Customization Guide" that makes it easy for your personnel to customize the Pedestrian Safety Awareness Training Program step by step. Modifications and additions are easily made with this tool.

To assist you in customizing the course we have included a "Facility Safety Assessment" with instructions and activities to help identify areas of concern that may need to be addressed in the training session.

The assessment allows for key input from management and employees. Special attention can be focused on potentially dangerous site locations, machine functions impacting pedestrians, hazardous conditions, and dangerous tasks or operations.

Site-specific information inserted into this program should include those areas in your operations that may have previously been overlooked - areas or conditions that could create your next incident, if not communicated to your employees and visitors.

For example:

  1. Blind Corners
  2. Crosswalks
  3. Traffic patterns
  4. Stairs/steps
  5. Conveyor discharge areas
  6. Fueling stations
  7. Battery charging areas
  8. Loading/unloading docks
  9. Storage areas
  10. Overhead hazards
  11. Automated equipment
  12. Equipment stopping distance
  13. Warning signs & signals
  14. Cautions
  15. Barricades and scaffolds
  16. Near misses and where they have been occurring

The program is based on the classroom learning concept, with a learning verification evaluation to verify participants retention of the materials presented.

By participating in this program all pedestrians will learn and understand the importance of staying alert to their surroundings when traveling or working within the facility.

Implementation of this Pedestrian Safety Awareness Program at your site may help prevent your company from appearing in newspaper articles like these:

The development and implementation of this program will provide you with one of the most "employee talked about" safety training sessions at your facility.

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