For Your Company:
Establishes a standardized training procedure that provides a consistent means of educating employees and visitors on how to ensure one's safety as a pedestrian and how to respond to site hazards.

Communicates "The Company's Policies" concerning pedestrian safety throughout the facility.

Ensures "Management" that all participants who complete this course have been informed how to maneuver safely throughout the facility.

Increases the awareness of individual responsibilities for pedestrian safety.

Aids in the identification and method of communicating site hazards.

Provides a method to communicate "The Company's" continued efforts to protect employees and visitors from harm.

An excellent tool for sharing safety information with new hires and contractors during orientation.

For Course Presenters:
Provides a consistent method for presenters to convey the company's safety goals and objectives pertaining to pedestrian safety.

Provides a method to consistently convey to all employees the importance of compliance to safety procedures within the workplace, and communicates the importance of working together to improve awareness in the workforce concerning everyone's safety, "everyday."

Provides a step by step method via an Instructor Guide with visual aids of charts, photos, and graphics to coach a presenter through the Pedestrian Safety Awareness training session.

Provides the presenter with a learning verification exercise for all course participants, allowing the presenter to determine what participants have learned.

For Pedestrians:
Improves pedestrian awareness of safety concerns and unavoidable hazards.

Provides employees personal reasons for modifying their actions or activities to improve pedestrian safety.

Helps identify facility hazards that a pedestrian may encounter and should avoid.

Communicates the importance of the proper use of personal protective equipment, adherence to warning signs, and how to react to warning signals and alarms.

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