Instructor Guide - that targets safety issues, conditions, and operations pertaining to the safety of pedestrians.

Instructional Materials on CD - developed in Microsoft Word, and the instructional materials CD includes training materials with instructions for modifying and including "site-specific" information.

Matching Visual Aids - CD Power Point presentation of real world pictures, charts, and graphic visual aids have been sequenced to match the Instructor Guide. On the visual aids CD you will find a complete set of instructions explaining how to delete or modify the pre-developed visual aids and insert site-specific visual aids.

A Safety Assessment - designed to help you identify important site-specific information and obtain relevant visual aids for your Safety Awareness Program. The facility and departmental safety assessment has been included on the instructional materials CD. We have provided instructions on how to modify the assessment to allow for in-depth evaluation for any unique facility operations.

Employee Learning Verification - course participant evaluation has been developed for your convenience to evaluate employee retention of course information and to monitor program success.

A Bonus Package

Employee Completion Certificate - We have provided on the instructional materials CD an employee certificate of completion that can easily be personalized with the company, department, employee name, training dates, etc.

OSHA's Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) - Included in the instructional materials CD are several hot links to lists of OSHA regulations that apply to general industries including construction and maritime. These hot links will assist you in navigating OSHA regulations to identify the relevant compliance standards concerning pedestrian awareness.

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